Love and Music

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Love and Music


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Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas
Authorized Estate Edition

Image Size: 36” x 28.25” with additional canvas border

Limited Edition of 850 Arabic Numbers
99 Patrons’ Collection
155 Collaborators’ Proofs
5 Hors d’Commerce
2 Printer's Proofs

Adapted posthumously from an original painting by Theodor Seuss Geisel (“Dr. Seuss”).

Many writers often start out as avid readers. Ted was an avid reader who struggled through weekly piano lessons to be able to “win” the book of his choice at Johnson’s Book Store. This was a bargain he struck with his mother who, a pianist herself, believed in the power of music to enrich one’s life. If Ted did well, he was allowed to choose a book after class. These efforts paid off and in high school Ted learned to play both the mandolin and the banjo. Not only did he organize the Mandolin Club, his yearbook reported that he gave mandolin and banjo performances at class assemblies.

It is no surprise then that Ted would incorporate musical instruments into many of his artworks, from Secret Art and Archive paintings to images from his most iconic children’s books.

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